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Primal Therapy

What is Primal Therapy?

As a living being it is common to almost every one of us that somewhere sometime during our life time we get hurt from something or someone. And this painful thing gets carried away with our memory all through our life. Many times this pain can make our life miserable.

A pain can be a cause of various serious symptoms such as

  • Attacks of anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Depression
  • Panic

With the primal therapy one can be treated to these kind of risky and dangerous days and present themselves a day of new hope, a sun of new day.

What is the format and process of Primal Therapy attained at “Mon Ke Niye”?

On the whole the modus operandi of primal therapy does not got a severe changed from what was practiced earlier. With just one therapist, the entire session begins with an intention of continuing it for maximum fifteen days to three weeks and the entire session continues as an open-ended session. As soon as it is attained the patient is sent to join the several group meetings accomplishing by other patients and there at the group meeting presence of a therapist is a necessity. Once or twice a week the group meeting is continued and if further required the span of the session can be expanded. Although not everyday but when necessity arises private session are also held at the clinic of “Mon Ke Niye”.

It is noteworthy that the length and span of days for the private session varies greatly from patient to patient.

Connected Felling:

According to Janov, the connective feeling can be defined as an experience that is gained consciously. Through this conscious feelings a patient is helped in getting connected with his present from his past and makes an emotional connection to all the traumatic feelings that he/she has undergone.


Primal being the noun denotes a relief from all the earlier painful feelings. As per the analysis of Janov and Helden, the comprehensive primal can be found through the pre-primal rise and such gets marked with the fundamental signs such as:

  • Core body temperature
  • High blood pressure
  • Pulse

All these symptoms get heightened abnormally whereas when the entire things gets cooled these symptoms gets normalized.


Published in the year 1970, Janov wrote in his ‘The Primal Scream’ “By the time someone has reached his eighth month is generally well…Many patients finish before the eight months; some remain in therapy for ten or eleven months. It all depends on how sick they were to begin with.”

How Dr A Das Mahapatra defines Janov?

Dr A Das Mahapatra, the propreitar of the institution is with the similar view with Janov. In fact he utterly believes that within a specified time a patient can be recovered. With his ‘treatment without medicine’ he adores a slow but steady practice and such has brought down success in healing his patients.

He is the magic man of “Mon Ke Niye”.


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