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Doctors are talking about drug addiction

Drug addiction today has become a real problem. It is known as substance use disorder. Especially young people are affected by this addiction disorder. A chemical substance that can naturally change the brain’s normal brain tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol and sometimes some medicines are especially considered as cough syrup drugs.

It affects a person’s brain and behavior and disables its desire to control the substance. Not to say ‘no’ is not enough to get rid of the practice. Psychologists as one should consult as soon as possible because sometimes it may be life threatening.

How does it start?

Most of the drug addiction started its experimental experiment. Sometimes a person begins to enjoy the pleasure of drugs because of curiosity, but gradually it becomes more frequent and one day it becomes addicted. Once a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, a person cannot do anything. Dopamine depression is the root cause of drug addiction. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that regulates the brain’s pleasure center. Drugs help to release dopamine in the body, and the person immediately feels pleasure and comfort, and thus the brain begins to search for that pleasure regularly and addiction increases. Intense use of drugs and alcohol makes a person sick and mentally ill.


Psychologists have found some reasonable reasons for adding another person. First of all, it is a mental abnormality that encourages them to attract their narcotics. This may be due to various psychologists due to the abnormalities, uncertainty, reactionary feelings, etc.

Secondly, people may learn unhealthy behaviors like drug or alcohol addiction from their environment. From childhood, if a person sees that drug and alcohol addiction is quite common and it is not a big problem, he may be easily addicted.

Third person may be addicted due to acute trauma or high stress levels.

In addition to having a history of the abuse of addiction or the attachment of addiction to the parents, there can be addiction reasons.

How to realize addiction?

  • you show addiction classic signs
  • you are thinking that you often are about “favorite drugs”
  • you found out that you can not stop starting once
  • you are lying for the cover of your behavior
  • you make that commitment to stop that you do not hold
  • it is your cost
  • you continue to use despite obvious negative consequences.
  • physical health deteriorate
  • euphoria, hallucination, mood swing
  • withdrawal symptoms (anger, anxiety, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feeling horrible without drug) are must


Remedy of drug addiction is mostly associated with medication. Sometimes rehab also helps the person to get back to his/her personal life. But the without medicine approach of dr. Mahapatra is really different. He applies behavioral counseling, followed by light and sound therapy. It is a totally different and safe therapy and a matter of 15 to 17 days to fully recover. One can fee lit’s effects after 5 or 6 days. He will do day to day as well as long term follow-up to prevent relapse. Please feel free to tell all your problems in front of him. You will get genuine treatment with lots of extra advice. For more information please visit Mon Ke Niye clinic.