Pregnant Counseling for Baby Brain Development during Pregnancy

‘You are what you think’- a very common saying, yes, it is your thought process that makes your personality and eventually your well being. If you are a pregnant mother, you through the process are also the creator of your offspring’s personality. It is not magic, but a genuine science that discovers; babies can learn and think from the womb by listening and getting chemical signals from the placenta. We have heard the tale of Abhimanyu in Mahabharata. Several scientific studies of psychology have found a rational basis of the epic tale.a happy or a peaceful mood

Here we will discuss some positive and negative effects of pregnant woman mental state on her Baby’s Brain Development During Pregnancy.

1. Long-term high blood pressure, stress, fear, fatigue, anxiety, unhealthy lifestyle, drinking alcohol, multiple acquaintance-related sexual intercourse, unhealthy eating habits, self or hereditary mental illness – if this condition is pregnant, then premature child, mental or physical illness may be increased.

2. Changes in the mother’s mental condition can affect her baby’s development before and after her birth.

3. Prenatal psychology depends on hormonal changes of a pregnant mother. Let me explain it in a simple way, when the mother is in a happy or peaceful mood she releases happy

Hormonesrejected parent’s thought to preborn that stimulate baby’s brain and growth by going through the placenta. Similarly, stress, anxiety, and unhappiness affects brain development, height, and weight growth.

4. Happy mental state of the mother sooth baby’s nervous system and baby feels more connected to mother that eventually diminish the thought of insecurity.

5. The positive environment also has beneficial effects on intelligence level and skill learning the mother soothe baby’s ‘You are.

6. Mothers who have stressful pregnancy have the baby prematurely, hyperactive, irritable and colicky babies.

7. Studies also revealed that several behavioral problems of babies are also due to the negative environment. They have been through as a fetus.

8. In the long term, making a depressed mother could lead to neurological problems and psychiatric disorders to the baby.

9. Negative feelings in pre-born stage give a feeling of rejected parent’s thought to preborn baby.PrebornprebornHormonesrejected parents thought to preborn

The environment a fetus is growing up in the mother’s womb is very important. It builds the foundation of his or her personality. Your conscious and subconscious mind always drives you in different directions, and any changes to your mental-emotional state will have the exact type of hormone release that has a very real effect on you and your pre-born physical health. You are the creator of the personality of your offspring.

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