Parent Child Counseling

What are the early signs/symptoms in children?

1. Argument without a valid point
2. Sleeping problems- refusing to sleep on his/her own
3. Low confidence
4. Frequently lying to others
5. Frequently throwing tantrums
6. Behavioral problems

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    7. Language as well as communication problems
    8. Difficulty getting along with friends
    9. Difficulty adjusting to parenting, divorce
    10. Fearful of leaving the parents/home

What are the early signs / Symptoms of parents?

Parenthood can be enjoyable when both you and children thrive in a joyful and enjoyable environment. This is where Monkeniye strikes a balance between parents and children with their Parent and child counseling sessions. After each counseling session, parents will feel more confident, their child will improve dramatically and the ultimate parent-child communications becomes joyful. For the last 17 years, Monkeniye under Dr. Ad Mahapatra has been able to succeed in creating a strong, faithful and healthy relationship between Parent and Child.

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