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best treatment Alcohol De-Addiction in kolkata

One of the most important keys to your success in recovering from alcohol addiction is finding the right treatment center. While some treatments are better than others, the main factors of success are the attitude, determination, motivation, and the willingness to cooperate with the person Mon Ke Niye center. When searching for the best alcohol De-Addiction center in Kolkata, it is important to find a program that will provide you with the tools necessary for a life of sobriety. Many different treatment centers will have such a program, but you should make sure you fit in and feel comfortable with the people you will be working with and the layout of the facility itself. Some of the top qualities you should look for in any treatment center include accreditation, licensed staff, aftercare provision, family involvement in the treatment process, and how comfortable the environment is. Take your time when choosing the facility.


  • PRE-INTERVENTION:- This is the first touch with psycho counseling, psycho analysis be treated as outpatient itself. And also meets the family alone to collect historical, physical, psychological, precipitating factors of addiction & social withdrawals etc. of the patient It always depends on the pattern of use/abuse. During this session, the respective family will be educated about the disease, treatment process and they are shown and explained about the facilities.
    INTAKE:- An important and essential session that happens after psycho analysis
    DETOXIFICATION:- Psycho therapy –sound & light therapy which is normally 10 days. It is basically referred to acute stage of withdrawal where the patient treated  to bring back patient’s physical health & routines.

What the treatments available for Alcohol Addiction Cases at Mon Ke Niye?

Alcohol Addiction treatment in Kolkata is available at Mon Ke Niye. With the best treatments’ methodology available in the city of Kolkata one can rest assured to be fully cured within a respective time frame with proper treatment and scientific treatment Individual counter addiction power will be increased at a comparative level. It is not uncommon for a person to use drugs again after treatment. This doesn’t mean the treatment is a failure, rather it indicates to continue with the treatment and medication process to help the individual overcome the alcohol Addiction and regain control of him/her.
‘Mon Ke Niye’ is such a hub where you would not be taken care of but you would be showered all love, concern as well as a hand of aid that no medicine or drug application can effect to. Without the application of medicine, you would be enhanced to a time of bliss with the clinical psychologist in Kolkata Dr. A D Mahapatra.


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