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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (cbt)

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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

It is a type of psychotherapy treatment that lends a help of support to the patients and understands their feelings and thoughts as well which are influencing their behaviors. The Cognitive Therapy is generally utilized in a variety of disorders that includes anxiety, phobia, depressions and addictions.

The term is usually a short program and concentrates on aiding the patients who are dealing with their extremely specific problems. During this course of treatment, people are helped to gain knowledge over how making identification and go for changes to the disturbing and destructive thoughts that are hampering your behavior with all negativities.

How “Mon Ke Niye” works?

As per the medical team of the medical hub the therapy consists of certain basic things that are required to be known before going for any process.

The fundamental notion behind the Cognitive Behavior Thought is that out feelings, emotions and thought procedure plays an important role in our behavior. As, for example, when a person thinks a lot about plane crashes, plane hijacks or air disasters he/she is compelled to avoid the airway.
Thus, under the supervision of Dr. A Das Mahapatra the goal remains to give a teaching to his patient that whilst they are not in a position of controlling their thought procedure, it is up to themselves with which they are handling certain situations and interpreting an event and the planet around them.

What are the types of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

Dr A Das Mahapatra has segregated the components of CBT

What are the components of CBT?

People usually get feelings or thoughts that emphasize on the faulty beliefs. Such can result them in going for problematic behavior which serious affects their, family life, love life and even can put effects on their working areas or careers.

In order to fight against these kinds of destructive behaviors and thoughts, a CBT therapist makes a beginning with a hand of support to the patient In order to identify all the problematic thoughts and beliefs. Such a stage is termed as fundamental analysis and remains significant for how the situations, feelings and thoughts can throw in their contributions to the various maladaptive behaviors. The process, although can remain to be extremely difficult, but with the help of “Mon Ke Niye” such can lead to make a self discovery and other insights that remains to be an essential part of the procedure of treatments.

A conclusion from Dr. A D Mahapatra

Cognitive Behavior Therapy remains to be well-suited for the patients who are looking for a treatment that remains to be short term and does not require any medication. In fact at “Mon Ke Niye” the doctor moves with the sole aim of treating without medicine.

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