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Parent counseling

Famous parenting expert – Dr A d Mahapatra says-

Healthy parenting counseling

For the ideal child – Should be the ideal guardian

New born child is just like blank white page, it is you who will draw and will fill colors in preadolescence stage approach, behavior and thought process. Be very careful from early days while shaping personality and behavior of your little one. Children start imbibing their parent’s rules, values and ethics very easily. You should have a clear idea as parents, of right/wrong, dos/don’ts, ye/no etc. Paying attentions, self-confidence, loyalty, respect for others, empathy, are some very important aspects of a human being. Only through proper guidance these qualities can be achieved.

Here we will discuss some tips that will guide you to understand your child’s psychology as well as how to handle problems related to psychology.

The child’s relationship with the child will be in three ways :-

Parents, friendships and guardianship.

All relations will be:-

restricted and conditional

Parents keep their relationship:-

beautiful and good.

Don’t be over protective:- 

Let them face failure, if they do something wrong warn them but let them suffer. Teach them how to solve problems by own. Over protectiveness can damage their thinking ability, learning ability and help them to become a spoiled and pampered child.

Extremely untouched :-

Without care, withholding, protecting the child’s unhealthful aboard, without any reason, all is to ruin the child’s future life.

Show love, care and attention:-

your unconditional love is the key to shape your child’s behavior and personality. It is proven those children who are nurtured by love and affection, become psychologically more stable and more successful in life. Your undivided attention brings confidence to them. They will feel secure.

Don’t be too strict :-

because if they always follow your instruction, their creative side will fall. Always they will seek you to take decisions. Let them learn from their own mistakes.

Let them explore the world:-

Try to support their curiosity or thinking. You can read their mind by following their hobbies like their drawing, writing or types of book they are reading.

Don’t compare them:-

Parents always have a fashion of comparing their child with their peer. This is absolutely a wrong practice. It creates low self-esteem in child, that eventually have a long term negative effect on child. It can be dangerous if you overdo it.

Appreciate, encourage, and help them:-

Encouragement and appreciation from your side will make them more confident.

Give challenges to them and tell them :-

about no shortcuts to win the challenges. In this way they will be able to handle both their success and failure.

Try to listen their absurd tales:-

They express their emotions in different ways. Although it seems time consuming but if you mange time to listen theirs stories, you will get to know every little thing of your child. Try to focus on tone of speaking and body-language. It will say a lot if you notice them carefully.

Don’t be over protective:-

Let them face failure, if they do something wrong warn them but let them suffer. Teach them how to solve problems by own. Over protectiveness can damage their thinking ability, learning ability and help them to become a spoiled and pampered child.

Set good examples before them:-

Remember you are the hero of his/her life. They follow you consciously or subconsciously. Learn how to handle situations, how to behave in different situations, inner meaning of your child’s reactions

Understanding the psychology of kids can be challenging. Every child is different. It might be tedious and time-consuming task. But it is the most important thing that you can do to nurture them into a healthy adult. Dr. A D Mahapatra is a famous child counselor and psychologist who can help you to understand your child’s psychology with proper guideline.

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