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Top Psycho Expert in Kolkata – Drug, Alcohol Addiction

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What is drug or alcohol addiction?

Addiction or stress to the drug identifies a particular condition. In this situation, a person can be regularly diagnosed with a certain amount of drug intake and is a function of drugs to maintain his / her normal ability. If someone is accustomed to take drugs, then it is always upset that it cannot live without it. Drug addiction creates serious problems in relation to physical, emotional, and other. Addicts cannot easily overcome this habit, but they can not get out of their mind if they want to.

How is drug addiction created?

Like alcohol or alcohol, people first start curiosity, look at others, go ahead in education or sport, or having psychological discomfort or problems. Increasingly, under the influence of the brain, there is shifted in the function. As a result, the addicted person becomes desperate for the drug and leaves the level of acceptance. They lost both their willingness and ability to drop the drug. Do not have relief from it.

Most people think that those who take drugs. They are mentally weak. The general idea is that the addicted person is too lazy to change his habits, if he wishes, they may be contrary to the drug. Actually the addiction depends on the environment and the original decision. Which is the whole

Individual’s own initiative There is a very little thing to say about ‘no’. In order to give up the drug completely, it is important to get the help and assistance of the addicts.

There are very different methods of taking drugs. Smoke, nose, injection, chewing or drinking.

How does the drug act in the brain?

For a long time, drug addiction destroys the brain’s ability to think in accordance with the cognitive function or condition of the brain. For regular drug users, it has been found that those parts of the brain control education, decision making, use, etc., which are damaged. Along with this, the addicts became infected with depression and other mental health problems.

Other problems are – do not want to stop shivering, hunger and sleep loss, weight loss, becoming anti-social, little wrangling, nervousness or anger, worries and anxiety.

Drug Addiction Identification

It is understood from some sources that the practice of taking drugs from any person becomes addictive.

• Whether the amount of drug counting is increasing.

• Withdrawal symptom, or physical symptoms that occurs when the effects of the drug are seen, such as shaking, convulsion etc. increased before the first dose was taken.

• Cannot imagine a drug-free day for you.

• Various excursions are made to take the next dose.

• Daily activities become more relaxed and tolerant, if at the beginning of the day for some drugs are taken.

• Inevitably come the disenchantment of family, friends and other responsibilities.

• Always hide the drug habit from others

• Ever wondered, the use of drugs or alcohol should be reduced?

• Are people irritating or criticizing alcohol or drug addiction?

• Does alcoholism or drug addiction appear to be a crime in itself, does it bother?

• Drug or alcoholism seems to be important for the first time in the day to spend a hangover or to keep the nerve fierce?

If the answer to two or more questions is yes, then there will be additional and proper action will be taken.

If a loved one is addicted to the dragon, then identify these physical and practical symptoms


The remedy for drug addiction is mostly related to the medication. Sometimes rehab also helps the person to come back to his/her personal life. But the without medicine approach of Dr. A d Mahapatra is really different. He applies behavioral counseling, followed by light and sound therapy. It is a totally unique and safe therapy and a matter of 15 to 17 days to fully recover. One can see lot’s effects after 5 or 6 days. He will do day to day as well as a long-term follow-up to avoid relapse. Please do not hesitate to tell all your problems in front of him. You will get genuine treatment with lots of extra advice. For more information please visit Mon Ke Niye clinic center.

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