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Best Marriage Counselling in Kolkata


Dr. AD Mahapatra is one of the best marriage Counselling psychologists in Kolkata. He is a well-known consultant in relationship and family therapy.


Relationship Expert- Dr. Ad Mahapatra
A. Trained, Certified, And Internationally Recommended Psychologist.

Dr. AD Mahapatra is the world’s largest and most trusted study and an internationally recommended relationship counselor based on research for couples therapy. He is also trained in specialized relationship counseling skills from various other reputed

B. A Reputed and Successful Counselor

Currently,  Dr. AD Mahapatra is one of the top consultants with the highest success rate with over 19,000 happy couples and individuals (based in India and abroad) who have benefited from his therapy at the “Mon Ke Niye “clinic.



Relationship Counseling Services At “Mon Ke Niye”

While a good marital relationship can enhance your life and bring joy and fulfillment, on the other hand, an unhealthy and chaotic life, damaged relationships, such as extramarital affairs, infidelity, inappropriate sexual behavior, and emotional abuse can lead to sadness, suffering, and incompleteness.

Even in a non-violent relationship, couples helplessly lose love and trust in each other, quarrels and fights escalate, finding no other reason or motivation to stay together than the interests of the child. As a result, the suffering is prolonged.

Remember, even if you have tried everything on your end to resolve these issues and failed over time, relationship issues can be resolved if you come to the right counselor who is experienced, certified, and trained in couples conflict resolution.

Why Couples Counselling?

Our marriage counselors help couples solve all kinds of intimate relationship problems and their common problems.

Here are some common issues:

  • Communication problems
  • Lack of Attention
  • Financial Issues
  • Lack of Appreciation
  • Technology And Social Media
  • In-laws
  • Trust Issues
  • Setting Boundaries In A Relationship
  • Anger Issues
  • One of the Maximum Infidelities
  • Sexual Differences
  • Values And Beliefs
  • Jealousy

As a counselor, Dr. AD Mahapatra provides his clients with a warm, safe, compassionate, and pleasant environment where they can freely express their feelings and emotions. He helps you move forward into a confident and happy married life with his specific and strategic tips and therapy.


pre-marital counseling, post-marital counseling.

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