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Dr. AD Mahapatra is one of the best therapists for relationship counselling in Kolkata without medicines. Make an appointment online near you.

He is well-known as a skilled and successful best marital / marriage expert in premarital compatibility assessment, problematic situations of suspicion about extramarital affairs with family problems, and prevention of divorce.

A. Trained and Certified Marriage Therapist

Dr. AD Mahapatra is the best relationship counselor who has been approved by India’s largest and most reputable research-based foundation for couples counseling. He has been at the forefront of success as a specialist in rebuilding unhealthy partner relationships, love traumas, and broken relationships at his therapy center for over 19 years.

B. Successful And Reputed Counselor

He is currently one of the top counselors with the Highest Success Rate; He has helped more than 19,000 happy couples and individuals in India and overseas through his couple’s therapy in the clinic “Mon Ke Niye.”



Most Common marital Problems Faced by Married Couples

Couples face many challenges in their marriage. Not only does their relationship status deteriorate, but social, family, especially parents and children, also have a negative emotional and economic impact. This can have dire consequences. So every couple should definitely consult a marriage counselor for solving their problems. This is an approach through which, a marital problem can be easily overcome.

1. Communication problems

Communication gap, i.e., lack of communique is one of the most usual issues in marriage. Communication encompasses both verbal and non-verbal cues, which is why even if you have known someone for a long period of time, a slight exchange in the facial expression or any different shape of a frame language may be perceived incorrectly.

2. Lack of attention

Lack of attention: Humans are social creatures and are avid seekers of interest from others around them, especially people who are closest to them. Every marriage suffers commonplace courting trouble i.e., ‘loss of interest in which a couple, intentionally or unintentionally, redirects their attention to different aspects of their lives.

3. Financial issues

Financial troubles: Nothing can break a marriage faster than money. Even though you are starting a joint account or coping with your budget separately, you are sure to encounter financial problems in your marriage.

4. Lack of appreciation

Lack of appreciation: A loss of gratitude, recognition, and acknowledgment of your partner’s contribution to your courting is common marriage trouble.

5. Technology and social media

Technology and social media: The emerging risks of social media on marriage and own family are getting very imminent.

6. In-laws

Some say that I am not living with your family for a lifetime. In India relationship means not about two people. The relationship is about families n lives are closely woven together with families as long as your in-laws are in the same house. The sooner you learn to love and accept your spouse and family as your own, the better. Your relationship will be a blessing.

7. Trust issues

Trust issues: Now, this commonplace marriage hassle can rot your marriage from the inside, leaving no chance of In-laws restoring your courting. The idea of believing in a wedding continues to be very conventional and, at times, puts an excessive amount of stress on a wedding when the doubt starts to seep right into a relationship

8. Setting Boundaries in a Relationship

Boundaries are basic guidelines that you create to establish how others can behave. Setting boundaries ensures that a relationship is mutually considerate, gracious, and apt. Boundaries can be physical (PDA), emotional (blaming others for your problems), and mental (imposing opinion). While communicating boundaries, openly express what you are comfortable with and are not. And since a relationship is a two-way street where you like your boundaries to get honored, it is prime to listen to your spouse’s boundaries. The aim is to communicate your boundaries to your partner with compassion, understanding, and respect for expectations.

9. Anger issues

Anger issues: Losing your temper, shouting or screaming in rage, and inflicting bodily damage to yourself or your spouse are lamentably usual marriage problems. With increasing stress because of inner and external factors, we might be unable to govern our anger, and there might be an outburst in the direction of our loved ones that might be very dangerous to a relationship.

10. One of the maximum Infidelity

Infidelity is considered one of the maximum and usual marriage issues in relationships. It includes dishonesty and having emotional affairs with another person. Other instances which can be blanketed in infidelity are one-night stands, physical infidelity, and net relationships in addition to long and short-term affairs.

11. Sexual differences

Sexual differences: Physical intimacy is necessary for a long time of dating. However, it’s additionally the root cause of one of the maximum common marriage troubles of all times, i.e., sexual troubles. Sexual problems can occur in a relationship for numerous reasons, paving the way sooner or later to marriage problems. The most common sexual problem within a marriage is a loss of libido. A lot of people are under the influence that most efficient women experience issues with libido. However, men also are affected by this issue.

12. Values and beliefs

Values and ideals: Indeed, there might be differences and disagreements within a marriage, however, some differences are too great to ignore, along with middle values and beliefs. One partner may additionally have one religion, and another might have an exceptional belief. This may additionally give an upward thrust to an emotional chasm, amongst different commonplace marriage problems.

13. Jealousy

Jealousy: is a marriage hassle that causes a wedding to show sourness in a relationship. If you have got an excessively jealous partner, being with them and around them can become an undertaking challenge. Jealousy in a relationship may be healthy; as long as it isn’t always someone overly jealous. Such individuals can be overbearing: they’ll query who you are speaking to over the phone, why you speak to them, how you understand them and the way long you’ve got to recognize them, etc.

The most evident problem in a marital relationship is adjusting to a new lifestyle. It is tough to adjust to new people, new environments, new routines, new food habits, etc. Everyone faces this adjustment problem, but in the Indian marriage scenario, women face more such problems than men. Through counseling, this problem can be solved easily.

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