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Top Couples Sex Therapy Expert in Kolkata

 couple sexual therapist

Discuss your Sex Problems with a Sex Specialist:

Dr. Ad Mahapatra is an award-winning couples sex therapy expert in Kolkata who has expertise in sexual relationship problems counselling without medicines.

Couple relationship problems and Sexual Dysfunctions:

Couples distressed about their sexual relationship may not engage in needed problem-solving discussions because sexual unfit is a sensitive topic.

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Couple sexual therapy

Sex therapy Is a branch of traditional psychotherapy. It essentially is another type of speech therapy that helps couples to sort out their sexual and psychological problems and eventually lead to a pleasurable phase of their married life.

Some common examples of sex, life and satisfying relationship. Sex-related problems are quite common in both men and women during the incipient sexual dysfunctions are:

Low libido, excessive libido, lack of interest in sex, lack of response to sexual stimulation, boring sex life, inability to reach orgasm, painful intercourse problems, confusion about sexual orientation,  masturbation, porn addiction.

Through discussions, questions and some home assignments, the therapy will be conducted. Mostly it is finished with both husband and wife together. Remember, sex therapy is not linked to any sexual activity in the clinic. It does not involve any abusive sex talk, nudity and sexual touching.


The major benefits of couple sex therapy are as below:

With each session, you will manage your sexual problems bejoramandirtter than before, this therapy is meant to encourage couples to have pleasurable sex-life, it will increase intimacy between couples so that they are able to understand each other’s physical as well as psychological needs, it will erase negative thoughts or any previous trauma related to sex and will eventually heal old wounds if any, it will spice-up the monotonous sex life, couples having sex, it is also helpful in a mid life crisis.

Recent psychological surveys have found ‘marriage related depression’ is very common for Indian women. As we discussed earlier the reasons for marital frustration, that cause depression and depression affect the sex life of couples. Unhappy sex-life is again one of the main reasons for marital frustration. It creates a chain reaction of negative effects on one’s life.

Dr. Ad Mahapatra is a professional sexual treatment specialist, who has his expertise in this field for 17 years, will allow you to amaze. After taking marriage counseling,you will live your life differently. You can still smell the positive effects of speech therapy just after one or two sitting. Just are the guidelines and do the home assignments, given by him and you will redesign your life by yourself.

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Different sex drives disorders, psychosexual problems, loss of libido (loss of sexual desire), erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, Sexual Perversions Counselling, sex addiction counselling in Kolkata.

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Chamber open: – Monday to Saturday- 10 am -1 pm. And 4 pm – 10 pm. Sunday closed.
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Phone: – 033 2576 0196 Mobile: – 9836089887 | 8017905937


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