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Top Marital Therapy Expert In Kolkata


Relationship counselling

Dr. Ad Mahapatra is a leading marital therapy expert in Kolkata. He is a well – known psychologist for marriage counselling without medicines.

We have discussed earlier about Family Disharmony, Marital Disharmony, Relationship Difficulties and Divorce Adjustment, Marriage Frustration, Sex. Here on this page, we will talk about different problems couples face and when they might need counseling.

Through marriage counseling, one can overcome the problems within a marriage easily.

Adjustment & adaptation problem:

The most evident problem in a marital relationship is adjusted with a new lifestyle. It is tough to adjust to new people, new environment, new routine, new food habit, etc. Everyone faces this adjustment problem, but in the Indian marriage scenario, women face more such problems than men. Through counseling, this problem can be solved easily.

Expectation problem:

Expectations of in-laws sometimes create problems in a marriage. They can’t realize that the newly married girl has left her home, family, and her known comfortable zone behind and come to a totally new and different place. She might be uncomfortable in some situations, might be frightened, horseradish. Burdened with responsibilities, duties, norms, values and so on, life of a newly married girl can become suffocating at times. Counseling can help in such situations. A couple therapies would work better.

Acceptance problem:

In-laws might not be able to accept the newly married women as she is, the bride also can have similar acceptance problem. It might take too long to realize that the new place is her new home and the new peoples in her life are her family members now. She will have to understand the requirement of that family and move ahead with life.Speech therapy can make you understand how to deal with such problems.

Communication problem:

Communication is not just saying your words rather the way of saying as well. Communication gap creates misunderstanding between couples and between the bride and in-laws. At times, over thinking and judgmental approach can also cause miscommunications.

Time management:

After marriage, time might need to be divided into many new tasks within the family. A change to the daily routine makes it crucial to manage the time carefully. After taking care of your responsibilities for your family, you will have to make time for your profession, for your partner, and last but not the least for yourself. Through counseling on ‘time management processes and guidelines’ you will learn about better ways of managing time.

Health and sex related problem:

Sexual incompatibility and sex phobia can cause major problems in a relationship. It is proven that sex phobias are more common in women than men. Psychology plays a vital role here. If a woman goes through marriage related depression, they experience much lower sex drive. There are several other reasons which can hamper sex life in a marriage. We have discussed those points in our page couple sex therapy.

How Marriage Counselor will help you?

The couple looks for expert Premarital Counselor’s assistance to forestall or to comprehend and resolve challenges that emerge in their relationship. Read More

Stop Divorce Now

The between related strings of Indian culture are experiencing a few changes. These progressions are melding out and reclassify singular characters and job of families in the marriage. Read More.

Tips for a Happy Marriage

There are a few hints for an important and upbeat marriage or cozy relationship: – The individual ought not to be influenced to wed early. He/she ought to be urged to develop genuinely and to set up themselves in their picked calling. The couple ought to go through one year into a relationship before they wed. They ought not wed until they set up an important relationship and settled real challenges

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Realistic and Unrealistic Expectations in a Marriage

In the greater part of the cases, Inconvenience in a marriage emerges from the specific desires one has from the other accomplice. Read More.

5 Reasons why to marry?

Dr. Ad Mahapatra is a Famous Relationship Expert in Kolkata.

An individual can see different positive qualities getting hitched. These reasons encourage closeness in marriage and expand the odds of achievement in the marriage. Read More.

How Premarital Counseling helps?

The couple looks for expert premarital counselor’s assistance to forestall or to comprehend and resolve challenges that emerge in their relationship. They have questions, so look for confirmation to make a dependable cozy relationship.

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How do you save your breaking relationship?

Breakup counselling in Kolkata

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Family Planning best counsellor says

Family planning

The abrupt explosion of the population has resulted in sketching of a planned neutral family. Now families are paying more interest over planning their own parenthood with one or maximum two children. They are utilizing birth control practices and many other skills for leading a planned and happy family life.

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