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Dual sex Therapy in kolkata

Sexual unhappy

The effectiveness of a sexual treatment is only possible only when a comfort label has grown up between your health professional and you. It is also required that you do not hesitate in front of your partner while talking about sex. This is because a sexual problem can root to many causes and thereof quite obviously it includes a several treatments related to it. Also importantly universal application of sexual treatment is not effective because the disorder between a male differs greatly to that of a woman.

An efficient plan of treatment will deal with and supervise the causes and then put together and then fabricate and reinforce the intimate communications between your partner and you. This will be result the best to receive a satisfied sexual life.

A woman does show signs of unique needs of their partners. But there are certain issues with which a woman struggles for. These are:

  • Difficulties in reaching towards the orgasm
  • Excessive pain during getting first time sex
  • Vaginismus
  • Getting bored and less desired towards having sex
  • Sexual concerns that are especially related towards infertility
How “Mon Ke Niye” is involved in Dual Sex Problem?

The treatment at “Mon Ke Niye” includes treatment with counseling between you and your partner along with a psychological therapy. The therapy comes with a sole intention of building a well being, emotionally and developing certain sex therapies.

How “Mon Ke Niye” continues the therapy for Dual Sex Problem?

Dr. A D Mahapatra continues a therapy that includes:

  • Analytic techniques in order to integrate into communications along with your better half.
  • To enhance your sexual experience get some tips as well as specific techniques and exercises.
  • If you are experiencing inability to get any orgasm, you will be taught certain techniques to attain such.
  • In the dual sex therapy, both the partners are given a chance to make a clarification about their various activities.
  • With CBT you will be helped in controlling several symptoms that can produce anxiety or poor self esteem.
How the Dual Sex Therapy takes place at “Mon Ke Niye”?

In this procedure a dual sex team takes part where the contjoramandirrol is given to the co-therapist during the session of the treatment. This silent co-therapist is in charge of his each session of Dual Sex Therapies. He/she remains the main observer to the patient and takes a note about their adaptability towards the therapy and the other directive and educational materials. He/she is kept as the coach of the team. As soon as he/she feels the requirement of the situational change he/she apparently becomes the main discussant of the activity.

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