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Existential Logo Therapy

What is Existential Analysis and Logotherapy?

The existential analysis moves with the sole intention of assisting and lending a hand of help to individual so that they can on their own consent to their own living style. Moreover the term can be defined as a phenomenon and a ‘person-oriented psychotherapy’ which intends with the aim of leading a person in his/her both physically and mentally free experiences that facilitates his/her authentic decisions and such are helped in bringing out an actually responsible way of dealing with this world and their living hood.

Thus the existential analysis therapy is provided for psychomatic, psychosocial and psychological disorders within a person and an analysis undergoes to point out their disorders.

Logotherapy on the other hand is defined as a practice of counseling or assistance with the quest of expedition towards finding out the right meaning.

How “Mon Ke Niye” describes the term?

Dr A Das Mahapatra defines the Existential Logotherapy as an approach towards psychotherapy. It makes combination of some of the greatest respects of the individual life choices of a person along with its therapeutically effectual means. The phenomenological approach of the Existential Logo therapy permits the therapist to take charge and consider all the feasible aspects of the experience of an individual.

If described a little more extensively “the existential analysis was conceived by Viktor E. Frankl in the 1930 as an anthropological theory of an existential school of psychotherapy. At the same time Frankl developed “Logotherapy” as a meaning-oriented form of counseling and treatment”.

The existential analysis is the investigation of all the conditions that remains necessary for living and it consist a particular space where values of a person are dignified and are at its utmost self-shaped.

The Existential Analysis intends with the sole aim of developing the perceptiveness of an individual and develops the activities that include ‘capability for commitment’. The Existential Analysis is also aimed for developing one’s relations, experiences, and the various actions. That is the analysis has been especially idealized for dealing the prerequisites of the personal conditions in order to bless a meaningful existence.

The practical as well as theoretical basis of the Existential Logotherapy defines the conception of Fundamentals Motivations. The Fundamental Motvations are systematically referred to as ‘building blocks’ in therapy and counseling. Moreover ‘Personal Existential Analysis’ has also been included within the practices of therapy. The later that is the ‘Personal Existential Analysis’ represent a phenomenological as well as existential methodology of the psychotherapy that helps it to treat particularly neurotic or broadly psychogenetic troubles. Combined with the Existential Analysis the working modus operandi includes the same mannerism for Personal Existential Analysis.

A Conclusion from Dr A Das Mahapatra

The Logotherapy and Existential Analysis is composed of roughly a dozen of methods whch are specified with some particular techniques. These have been outlined in order to realize the conception of Existential Logotherapy. According to the doctor “Leading an evocative life means doing exactly what one has perceived and recognizing those as valuable”.


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