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Parent Child Counseling

healthy parenting

In this fast paced world there is always a conflict between parent and child. Our society now has been losing the long rich tradition and values. The size of the family is getting nuclear day by day. Most children dreams of living the best of part of the lives at the very moment irrespective of their parent’s socioeconomic status. Parents on the other hand try to control the will of their child through verbal and suppression way. Generally in this situation a rift occurs in the parent child relationships. This rift in due course of time goes unwarranted becomes huge and ultimately becomes irreparable.

What are the early signs / Symptoms in child?

1. Argument without a valid point
2. Sleeping problems- refusing to sleep on his/her own
3. Low confidence
4. Frequently lying to others
5. Frequently throwing tantrums
6. Behavioral problems

  • Behavioral problems Read More
    7. Language as well as communication problems
    8. Difficulty getting along with friends
    9. Difficulty adjusting to parent divorce
    10. Fearful in leaving the parents/home

What are the early signs / Symptoms in parents?

1. Low in confidence and competence as a parent
2. Weak bond with children

  • Weak bond with children Read More
    3. Always feeling angry
    4. Hindering the development path due to socioeconomic conditions
    5. Feeling frustrated with your child
    6. In conflict with your partner 

    Parenthood can be enjoyable when both you and child thrive in a joyful and enjoyable environment. This is where Monkeniye strikes a balance between parents and child with their Parent and child counseling sessions. After each counseling session parents will feel more confident, their child will improve dramatically and the ultimate parent-child communications becomes joyful. For the last 17 years Monkeniye under Dr. A d Mahapatra have been able to succeed creating a strong, faithful and healthy relationship between parent and Child.

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