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Counsel for perverted sexuality in kolkata

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Sex is a very sacred and worshiped kind of a relation between two individuals. It has been worshiped and scripted as a practice of intellectual art in ‘Kama Sutra’. However, the world is a different place today, where it is no more as sacred and simple enough. Today is a time when we need to define and differentiate between natural and unnatural sex!

With the internet reaching every bedroom today, it is impossible to keep the kids away from the bad effects of sex. There are so many porn sites that the kids start exploring since they enter the teens! Now, one cannot and should also not start policing the kids for that, as initially, it is mainly out of curiosity that the kids explore these sites. With proper guidance and education, most of the kids overcome the poor effects to become a normal guy as he or she grows up. But there remain the cases where a child gets deeply affected by unnatural sex, leading towards the development of an addiction towards sexual perversion in the individual.

What can go wrong in case of perverted sex?

If not treated at a proper time, perverted sex can lead to an unsatisfied family life after marriage. Of course, sex is a very personal thing and often, the partner comes to know of the sexual habits of a person only after marriage, especially in case of arranging marriages that is still a dominating percentage in and around Kolkata. However, such a discovery after marriage can lead towards unhappy sex life. This can even go to the extent of divorce in case the level of unnatural sex is severe and hurting!

In today’s perspective, when the women are so very empowered by law, this can lead to filing a lawsuit based on sexual harassment. This can often malign a person’s otherwise good character! Thus, it must be treated early on.

Is perversion in sex-limited to family life only?

Not really, today’s open world. Once you go into the profession, you have a mixed team of boys and girls of which you have to be a part. Regular interaction with opposite sex and long working hours into the night are common. In such circumstances, a person who is not sexually healthy in the mind can often come out with his habits that can be objectionable, leading not only to lose the job but also to have a black spot on his character, inviting sexual harassment charges.

Is there a cure, then?

Of course, there is. Mon Ke Niye can actually help you. But it is not as simple as gobbling a pill and getting rid of it. Such perversions are actually due to the non-normal thought process that can be overcome only through proper counseling. It is in fact all about treating the mind, and one needs to undergo sexual perversion treatment in Kolkata in order to come back onto the track in life. What is needed is a person who can go deep into the mind and bring back the feeling of relaxation, the release of stress and happiness that are so closely associated with the act of sex.


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