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Suicide Prevention counseling

Suicide prevention counselling in Kolkata

Suicide (suicide: English) is a male or female deliberately sacrificing his life or voluntarily sacrificing his life. When someone commits suicide, the public pretends that the process had committed suicide. Doctors or doctors treat suicide as a serious symptom of psychological depression.

About a million people commit suicide every year. According to the World Health Organization, suicide is the thirteenth-largest cause of death for people all over the world due to death every year. Suicide is among the main reasons for the death of adolescents and those under the age of thirty-five years. In comparison to men, the rate of suicide among men is much higher. The tendency of men to commit suicide is three to four times higher than women.

The trend of suicide of young people is increasing in order today

The cause of the suicide of the young man:-

Suicide can be a lot because it is impossible to get to know about all the psychological phenomena of human beings.

Some main reasons for which young people choose to suicides include: Financial abnormalities, lack of abundance, rigorous competition, excessive stress on workplaces or education, lack of employment or poor employment. Parental separation, the torture position of the child, Excessive discipline and punishment, family neglect. Spontaneity and lack of confidence, Loneliness, Separation from social and organizational activities, Anxiety or depression, drug addiction and unhealthy lifestyle.

Other reasons for suicide:-

Mental imbalance – About 27% to 90% of suicides are related to mental illness. About half of those who die through suicide may have complex depressions; This or any other mental illness such as Bipolar disorder increases the risk of more than 20 times in suicides. Other conditions include schizophrenia (14%), personality disorders (8%).

Use of materials:-

Substance abuse is the second risk factor of suicide after depression and bilateral disorder. Misuse of both chronic substances and intense addiction are mutually related. When it comes to personal sorrow, such as with grief, the risk increases further. Substance abuse is associated with mental health disorders.

Gambling problem:-

Gambling is the problem of suicidal thoughts and efforts compared to the general population. 12 to 24% of the drug gamblers attempt suicide. The rate of suicides among their spouse is three times higher than the general population. Other reasons for increasing the risk of problematic gamblers are mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse.

Medical condition:-

There is a relationship between suicide and physical health problems, such as chronic pain, brain injury, cancer, kidney failure, HIV.

Psychological condition:-

Psychological conditions increase the risk of suicide: such as frustration, loss of life, sadness and anxiety. Recent life stresses such as losing family members or friends, job losses or social isolation increase the risk of suicide. Those who did not get married are also more risky.


Media, in which the Internet plays an important role in suicide.


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