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Top Depression Treatment Expert in Kolkata

Dr. Ad Mahapatra is a leading depression treatment expert in Kolkata. He is well-known for his specialization in counselling and therapy.

One in every six people suffers from some form of Mental Illness or Depression. You could be at risk, learn to recognize the symptoms.

A major depressive episode is characterized as encountering at least five of the accompanying indications consistently (or most days) for about fourteen days or more:

  • Discouraged or Bad Tempered Temperament.
  • Rest Issues (Dozing Excessively or Excessively Small; Dozing Predominantly During the Day).
  • Change In Interests (Not Being Keen On What You Used To Appreciate) Or Low Inspiration.
  • Unnecessary Blame or Ridiculously Low Mental Self View.
  • Altogether Low Vitality And Additionally Change In Self-care (Not Showering Any Longer).
  • Essentially More Awful Fixation (Sharp Decrease in Evaluations or Execution).
  • Changes in Craving (Eating Excessively or Excessively Less).
  • Fomentation or Serious Uneasiness/Alarm Assaults.
  • Agitation or Severe Anxiety/Panic Attacks.
  • Suicidal Thoughts, Plans Or Behaviors — Including Self-harm (Intentionally Cutting Or Burning Yourself).

It’s critical to recollect that not every person who is discouraged is self-destructive. You can in any case look for help regardless of whether you hadn’t shown particular self-destructive or self-hurt practices, or regardless of whether your indications aren’t as extreme or tireless as the side effects noted previously.

Alright, I’m feeling discouraged… so now what?
Since you know the indications of sadness, some sure adapting abilities can be valuable. The entirety of the accompanying strategies is upheld by logical exploration — like specialists or guiding analyst—and these aptitudes are habitually suggested as significant pieces of treatment in any event, for patients who keep on taking upper treatment or therapy and counseling.
WARNING: Do not suddenly go off your prescribed antidepressant medications without first talking to your medical provider. Discuss any questions or concerns about the side effects of your medications with your provider. You can solve this medicine’s side effect problem by availing without medical treatment done by Dr. Ad Mahapatra at Mon ke Niye clinic. Through specific counseling techniques and therapies, he solves disorders. You will be fully satisfied with his service.

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Chamber open: – Monday to Saturday- 10 am -1 pm. And 4 pm – 10 pm. Sunday closed.
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Phone: – 033 2576 0196 Mobile: – 9836089887 | 8017905937



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