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What is Hypnosis?

The term is defined as the trance state that is characterized by certain extreme suggestibility, delicate thoughts and also rest and relaxation. As per the state theory goes the hypnosis can be said as the mental state from where through the counselor too many unspoken words can be unveiled. The non-state theory defines the term as an ‘imaginative role-enactment.’

How the procedure performs?

The practice includes a method known as ‘hypnotic induction’. This is unruffled practice that consists of certain long series of suggestions and certain preliminary instructions. All the hypnotic suggestions gets delivered by a hypnotist and all gets continued in the presence of a subject.

For a therapeutic purpose the art of utilizing hypnotism is referred to as ‘hypnotherapy’ and at times it gets used for entertainment of audience and such act is termed as ‘stage hypnosis’.

What is the origin of Hypnosis?

Neuro-hypnotism or the ‘nervous sleep’ is the key term which has given confinement of the two terms ‘hypnosis’ and ‘hypnotism’.

When we hear the very term it is our trait that we start relating the term with the various movies and plays that we have seen. We start picturising the mysterious figure of the hypnotist moving a pocket watch to and fro guiding his patient with his questions in his semi-sleep condition. Once the patient gets hypnotized the subject is forced to be obeyed by him/her, no matter how odd or eccentric the request can be, the patient is compelled to utter ‘Yes Sir’ with the hypnotist’s evil bidding.

How “Mon Ke Niye” works with Hypnosis?

As a doctor, Dr. A Das Mahapatra undergoes certain practices. These are as follows:

  • First it is decided whether the patient needs affirmation. If so then first the affirmation gets modeled.
  • Secondly the patient is made relaxed to a calm and quite place.
  • As a third step he/she is suggested to relax their body. They are advised to close their eyes and make an imagination of waves running down through their relaxed body from scalp to toe. Let them think of getting calm and comfortable and wash out every stress out of their body.

As these are all attained the hypnotist starts with his list of question and answers.

As per the doctor, the questions can be as simple as “Are you feeling relaxed now?” or “Are you feeling heaviness into your muscles?”

As the doctor absolutely feels that the patient is relaxed now he starts with his affirmations that have got created. Typically a hypnotism session can last for a longer period of 15-25 minutes. But if required the time can be expanded as per the doctor’s choice. The thing that remains secret between the patient and the hypnotizer is not mentioning the actual period of time because that can affect their session.

As practiced at “Mon Ke Niye” the hypnotism can for boosting the energy level of the patient or can even improve the mood with relieving tension and stress.


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