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Dr A d Mahapatra


Dr. Ad Mahapatra is an award-winning counselling psychologist from Kolkata who is a leading therapist in the service of therapy issues, psychological disorders. The human mind is the ultimate complex. The flow of the mind is difficult to understand and difficult to treat. Thoughts, emotions, memories, perceptions, dreams, sensations, etc., can be considered by the eyes, but their existence makes us alive. He provides you with a platform to express your unflinching emotions in a safe, confidential and compassionate environment.


Bengali, English and Hindi

Ad Mahapatra is a topmost therapist in Kolkata, and he is well known in psychological counselling and therapy without medicines. The centre expertise in different fields of psychology such as cognitive, forensic, social and behavioural psychology. He is top 10 counselors near me who has specialized in motivational therapy at his center ‘Mon Ke Niye’ for over 17 years. Read More- About us.

The Clinic Began With The Goal Of Improving The Mental Health Of The North-South City. Now He Has Set Up Of High Quality A Clinical Chamber In A Beautiful And Pleasant Environment For The Benefit Of The People In The Eastern City, Salt Lake, Baguihati, Dum Dum Areas. He Manages The Challenges Of Healthy Thinking, Resilience.

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Personal effects:

Personal effects:

Improve your dispositions, fabricate strength and work beneficially

These are some issues commonly treated in therapy:

Mental illness

Any of a wide scope of ailments, (for instance, huge anguish, schizophrenia, over the top critical issue, or free for all issue) that are checked fundamentally by adequate complication of character, brain, or feelings to weaken ordinary mental working and cause stamped misery or handicap and that are regularly connected with a disturbance in typical reasoning, temperament, conduct, relational associations, or every day working.


An individual having an egocentric and reserved character set apart by an absence of regret for one's activities, a nonappearance of sympathy for other people, and frequently criminal inclinations.

Suicide, trust issues, worry, worthlessness, abandonment, abortion issues, adjusting to change / life transitions, adoption issues, aggression, aging and geriatric issues, agoraphobia, alcohol and drug addiction, anger, body image, borderline personality, bullying, chronic illness / disability, co-dependency, commitment issues, communication problems, compulsive spending / shopping, control issues, dissociation, divorce, emotional abuse, emptiness, family problems, fertility issues, forgiveness, guilt, health / illness / medical issues,

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Helplessness / victimhood, identity issues, infidelity / affair recovery, irritability, isolation, jealousy, midlife crisis, money and financial issues, mood swings, multicultural concerns, narcissism, paranoia, perfectionism, religious issues, sensitivity to criticism, sexuality, sleep disorders, spirituality, Show doctors near me.

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Child Issues

Child's Issues: -

Dr. Ad Mahapatra as a child behavior specialist believes that every youngster has many possibilities, and our goal is to unlock their unique skills, and direction.

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Here some fundamental issues are:-

Lack of concentration while studying, disruptive disorders, impulsive attitude, internet addiction, teenage issues, young adult issues, love dependence, antisocial activities, conduct disorder (CD), extroversion, introversion, lack of commitment, poor school performance, autism spectrum disorder,

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Bed-wetting, nail-biting habit, exam fear, short temper.

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Relationships and Marriage issues:

Assemble Sustaining, And Steady Relational Connections.

Here some extremely normal factors that influence disappointments are: -

Most common problems people have in complications between a wife and her in-laws, coupling problems, adjustment problems,

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Appreciation, boredom, infidelity issues, growing apart, arguments.

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Women’s Issues:

Psychological Studies Have Shown That Through Various Hormonal Changes. A Consultant Gives A Little More Attention To This Sensitive Nature Of Women.

Here some regular issues identified with ladies' issues are:-

Pre pregnancy planning, miscarriages, conception problems, depression during and after pregnancy,

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mothering support, Vaginismus- Fear/pain during sex, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOD).

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Life- Situations

Traumatic Events: -

Figure Out How To Adapt Well To Unanticipated And Testing Life Occasions.

Here some regular psycho-injuries are:-

PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), suddenly jobless, lack of money, unwanted breakup, gang rape victim, domestic violence, natural disasters,

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severe illness or injury, the death of a loved one, witnessing an act of violence, neglect.

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Developing a healthy lifestyle:-

Build Up Your Enthusiastic Remainder, Confidence And Life-objectives.

Here some problems are:-

Oppositional defiant disorder, workplace issues, worthlessness, conversion disorder, work/career dissatisfaction, public speaking and presentation problems, Alzheimer, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),

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Cultural issues, identify abuse, time management, role conflict, self-esteem building, decision making, fatigue, lack of willpower, loss of interest.

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Our services are:

Depression treatment, Bipolar disorder treatment, cope with mood swings, anger management for couples, anxiety, panic attract, mania, phobia, eating disorder, premarital issues,

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Obsessive-thought issues, personality disorders, old age disorders.

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Do not hesitate to talk about all your problems with us, you do not feel alone. It's a great experience to tell someone about your problem, especially if you feel comfortable with your feelings. To share your emotional understanding, please visit to us. It is a truly unique source of help and support.

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