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Dr. Ad Mahapatra is a renowned psychologist with 16 years of experience will help and guide you with your problems. It will be a lifetime experience of yours, that's how he will solve your problems just by hearing for two to three times from you. He is a very good mind reader who will teach you to recognize first that the problem is at all psychological or not. Sometimes children are so stubborn with their own view that parents are dominated by them. They rule for no reason. Parents thought may be the problem of their child are psychological, but he guides them properly by saying the intentional part of harassment by the child, and it is not at all psychological problems. Besides this he first does a proper test through which he now comes to know the exact problem of the patient. After writing the report, he starts treatment.


Counseling is a process of healthy discussion with your psychologist/therapist, where one can say all his/her untold, unsolved problems or difficulties in a safe and confidential environment. In today’s life everyone, is too busy and stressed. Through different guidelines, therapies or treatments your life can be changed completely.

Counselor/Psychologist is not going to tell you what to do and what not to do, but he will help you to talk about what exactly is bothering you and through that discussion he will uncover the root cause of your problem.

Different psychotherapy that we do: -

Please don’t be reluctant to speak up your problems. It is a safe and confidential place to say all of your problems. Dr. A D Mahapatra will help you to come up with your situations. Visit us at the Mon ki Niye clinic for further information and help.


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What we offer for you

Therapies & Treatments + Counselling

Anger management

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorders can be a serious illness and have long term problems


Treating Depression

Qualified clinical team providing depression advice and course of action

couple counselling

Couple Theraphy

Couples’ therapy is a form of therapy in which a couple works with a therapist

Family Counselling

Family Practice

Our trained, empathetic counsellors are here to assist during difficult periods

Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Whether it is social phobia, specific phobia, post traumatic stress disorder

Personality Disorder

Personality Disorder

Individual treatment is often termed as psychotherapy and is meant to help

Child Disorder

Children Therapy

There are many emotional issues that find a corner in our heart

stress Disorder

Anti Stress Therapy

1 in 5 adults will suffer from depression at some stage in their lives

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Do a positive investment to yourself. Don't ignore your psychological issues. Most of the psychological issues can be cured if you treat them on time.