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About - Dr. AD Mahapatra

Dr. AD Mahapatra has studied at Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, and has acquired his master's in applied psychological science and counselling for mental health. Then he pursued his Doctorate in clinical psychology at the University of Newfoundland, Canada (Specializing in Developmental psychology for the Infant Stage, Adolescent Stage, and Adult Stages). He also has served his specialization in light and sound therapy from Canada. He has gained experience of over 19 years in personality disorder, child psychological disorder, depression, stress management, marital frustration problems, sexuality, women’s issues, anger management, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

About - the Clinic "Mon Ke Niye"

The main aim of the clinic is to give an opportunity to explore and uncover your emotional thoughts. Here one can reform his or her true-self with a positive outcome. Dr. Ad Mahapatra treats every patient with much care, time and attention that one will start feeling better just by his presence. He is very polite and a patient listener. For his friend and reliable behavior, one can tell his or her problems very easily. The clinic has a very cozy and ‘feel good’ ambiance. Psychological light music soothes anyone immediately. This unique approach (without medicine) of mental health treatment makes him unique, as well as one of the leading psychologists of Kolkata. “Mon Ke Niye” provides the best quality, comprehensive psychiatric counselling. We build self-confidence for the patient so that he or she can cope-up with his or her problems, and we believe this should be the main approach of psychotherapy. We provide counselling for everyone such as adults, youngsters, children, and parents. Not only that, but we believe and want to promote the thought that taking counselling doesn’t mean that one person is abnormal or something. Counselling is the process to solve your problems; it can be your stress, anxiety, marital problems, family problems, the child’s problems etc. If these problems are not being treated at an early stage, it will revolve as a much bigger issue in life in the future.

The Clinic Mainly Focuses on :-

Please do not hesitate to tell all your problems to the doctor that will make you feel less lonely. It is a wonderful experience to tell someone about your problem, who is there specifically to listen and talk to you about your feelings. Many people feel relaxed just by saying their untold words to someone. It is therefore a boon for many people. Visit Mon Ke Niye clinic to share the burden of your life. It’s a genuinely unique source of help and support.



American Psychological Association, USA


Anxiety & Depression Association of America.

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