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Counseling for couples sexual issues in Kolkata

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Even today, a large number of marriages in and around Kolkata will happen as arranged. In such cases, the couples are not aware of each other’s sexual habits. But before marriage, it is for sure that the individual persons watch the porn sites and think of the sexual fantasies of their own lives. It is more common with the boys, who are still free to explore such things. The problem is that after marriage, many times the girl finds it extremely sudden, new and difficult to adjust to these new and apparently weird ways of having sex. One at such times badly needs couple sex counseling in Kolkata.

Sexual unhappy
What is healthy sex?

The very first point which the counselor asks to the couple is about their definitions of a healthy sex. Often, the two definitions differ, and that is the starting point of the problem. The counselor tries to bring both the couples on a same platform therefrom, they both can look at the act of sex in an equally healthy manner.

Concepts of oral sex and anal sex can be new, stunning and difficult for one of the two couples. More than being physically difficult, it is generally mentally more repulsive. A counselor tries to redefine sex to the person in a new way where there is space for exploration.

Sex is fun, isn’t it?

Basically, sex is not just an act of reproduction. It should also be fun. Hence, a counselor at Mon Ke Niye tries to make the couple understand through psychotherapy that besides the inhibitions in sex, there is much fun with it. One can enjoy them not only through regular sex, but also through oral and anal sex. All of it is OK and not unnatural sex as long as neither person forces the other individual.

It is nothing physically wrong in this process of treatment. Rather, it is fully mental. It is totally about changing a person’s mindset. The sole aim of the counselor remains to change the mindset of both to an acceptable level, where both are comfortable with each other while talking about and doing the act of sex.

Sexual compatibility

Yes, those are the words that are so important for a successful married life! It is extremely important that both partners in sex have the full range of fun, and also respects the other person’s need to reach an orgasm and have the fun. In many cases, pre-marital sex is becoming more common in Kolkata, and a big reason for that is to check the sexual compatibility of each other. With a more open society around us today, the girls are opening up much more, and are extremely educated about sex. Thus, they are also coming forward and agreeing to protect pre-marital sex that can let them know about how much fun, or difficulty, the sex life has in store ahead of them. At times, the question also arises in the couples’ mind whether pre-marital sex is right or wrong. When in such dilemma, go and ask about it to an expert of couples sex counselor in Kolkata, and you will have your answer.

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