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The adults of all major cities in the world are increasingly getting affected by stress. It is nothing new that stress can be born out of the workplace, family or personal lives. With time, stress is taking the shape of an epidemic in disguise. Similarly, for the youth and teenagers, another epidemic is gradually expanding its tentacles. Mostly it goes unnoticed. But it will be a welcome situation if we come to recognize it and its effects before it is too late!

This possible epidemic is coming in the form of depression. A large number of youth is getting affected by this, and the increase in its rate is so conspicuous that it can no more be ignored. Ask any medical practitioner and you will get an assuring nod about its increasing tentacles.

What causes depression?

In adults, depression can come due to many reasons, which can be either external or internal to the body. The external causes may be due to financial or family reasons while internally, it can be the ageing or hormonal imbalance. But in teenagers, most of these reasons are absent. Then what causes depression in them?

Well, it can be understood better if one follows the lifestyle changes that have come among the youth today. People are no more glued to the books or even TV. They are always on their smartphone busy chatting on the social networks. This has opened up a whole new horizon for them. Their world today is very open and frank. They no more think for several months before proposing to another person, neither do they take much time to get physical. It is wrong to say that all f it is wrong. This generation strictly believes that life is one and all of the fun must be had right now!

Whether it is a good philosophy to follow or not is another debate, but the fact is that such frank relationships often go on to result in two young people getting involved sexually even before having a mental bonding. After that, when it comes to long term relationships, any one backs out owing to uncertainty in life ahead and due to other reasons. Here from, the rejected person starts getting a dose of depression without being aware.

How Mon Ke Niye Can Help?

If untreated, such depression out of a failed love life can get fatal. The youth today is overly sensitive while being less matured. Thus, it is best to get such situations treated at the earliest. Medicinal treatments have the least effect on the affected individuals since the problem is not with the body but in the mind. Thus, one should opt for love sex refuse depression in Kolkata for such instances. However, it is the parents or guardians who have to identify the early symptoms before actually taking the kid to a counselor for psycho therapy. Leave the rest to the counselor, who with his magic words, utmost care and friendly gestures can cure the person far better than any medicine can perhaps do.
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