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OCD Treatment Counseling

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ocd counseling

What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Know the patient-It’s the same the work or the same thinking repeatedly Make or though the ideas are wrong, or think To do.

OCD is triggered by genetic, hormonal imbalance, neurological, behavioural, and environmental coordinates.

Two components of this disease. Such as 1) Obsession 2) Compilation.


 such as:-

  • Dread of defilement or earth
  • Requiring things efficient and symmetrical
  • Forceful or terrible musings about hurting yourself or others
  • Undesirable contemplation, including animosity, or sexual or religious subjects

Examples of obsession signs and symptoms include:-

  • Dread of being defiled by contacting objects others have contacted
  • Questions that you’ve bolted the entryway or killed the stove
  • Extreme pressure when objects aren’t methodical or confronting a specific way
  • Pictures of harming yourself or another person that are undesirable and make you uneasy
  • Considerations about yelling obscenities or acting improperly that are undesirable and make you uneasy
  • Shirking of circumstances that can trigger fixations, for example, shaking hands
  • Pain about obnoxious sexual pictures rehashing in your brain.


OCD impulses are dreary practices that you feel headed to perform. These dreary practices or mental acts are intended to avoid or diminish tension identified with your fixations or keep something terrible from occurring. Notwithstanding, captivating in the impulses brings no delight and may offer just an impermanent alleviation from uneasiness.

You may make up guidelines or customs to pursue that assistance control your tension when you’re having over the top considerations. These impulses are extreme and regularly are not practically identified with the issue they’re expected to settle.

As with obsessions, compulsions typically have themes, such as:-

  • Washing and cleaning
  • Checking
  • Tallying
  • Precision
  • Following a strict everyday practice
  • Requesting consolations

Examples of compulsion signs and symptoms include:-

  • Hand-washing until the point when your skin winds up crude.
  • Checking entryways more than once to ensure they’re bolted.
  • Checking the stove more than once to ensure it’s off.
  • Checking in specific examples.
  • Quietly rehashing a supplication, word or expression.
  • Orchestrating your canned products to confront a similar way.

If these symptoms are seen – Doctor A.d Mahapatra – “Mon Ke Niye” contact the clinic- Counseling And the light and sound therapy are perfect for one of the fancy treatments Goes is healthy.

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